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Self-serve marketing support from AMES Companies

Great news – the trade portals on our brand websites are now self-serve.

Developed as another valuable resource for AMES Companies customers, our trade portals offer up libraries of product images, detailed descriptions and other documents including brochures and guides.

As a source of useful materials, the trade portals are an asset to customer marketing programs.

In line with our goal of being a partner of choice for everyone in the garden industry, the new self-serve trade portal design is a positive step towards a seamless experience for all AMES Companies customers.

Trade Portals are now self-serve on the La Hacienda, Apta, Kelkay and Tools websites.

How does it work?

On each website, customers are now able to navigate to the trade portal area and select from two options: log in, or register.

  1. To register, simply submit a few contact details.
  2. Your details are automatically submitted for approval.
  3. On approval, you’ll get an email inviting you to log in and get started.

That’s it! Quick and easy.

If you’re a customer and your request is denied, please get in touch with your sales manager directly for access.

What does this mean for customers?

Making the trade portals self-serve helps create a seamless AMES Companies customer journey wherever we can.

Each brand trade portal is kept up to date with the latest imagery and documentation for use in your marketing content. When a new range launches, head to the trade portal to take advantage of your exclusive access.

What’s available especially lends itself to online content creation – we highly recommend using our resources to populate your websites, blogs, emails and social media presence with high quality, value-adding images and text.

Is there something you’d like to see in the trade portals that you can’t find? We’d love you to help us improve – let us know what’s missing by getting in touch.

Next steps

You can register for the trade portals directly on each brand website:

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