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Celebrating product innovation with AMES Companies GIMA entries

How do we follow up a year of intense product innovation? By celebrating it!

The GIMA Awards recognise excellence in new products and marketing across the gardening industry, and this year we’re very excited to celebrate product innovation across the AMES Companies by entering a wide range of products and materials from La Hacienda, Kelkay and Easy Fountain.

The product and marketing teams have been hard at work all year, working towards Glee in June, where garden industry professionals were delighted by our ranges and the overall offering made a big impact.

With our GIMA entries, we’re able to highlight again the very best of our innovation, quality and trend-leading designs from the last 12 months.

What AMES Companies products are entered in the GIMA awards?

We strive to bring excellence in everything we do, but particularly want to recognise select products demonstrating our commitment to progress in product.

The product and marketing teams at the AMES Companies visited Warwick Racecourse last week to set up the AMES Companies entries for judging, including:

Setting up at Warwick Racecourse

The product team headed to Warwick Racecourse last week to set up some supporting exhibits ready for judging. With winners announced in October, it’s a long wait to hear the results but we’re pleased to share how our entries looked on the day.

Keep an eye out for the GIMA Awards results in October – in the meantime, you can find all of the products mentioned below.

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