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Four reasons why electric heating offers multiple efficiencies

With summer in touching distance, consumers across the country will very soon start to think about updating their outdoor spaces and this will include looking at how they extended those summer evenings with outdoor heating solutions. Whilst traditional styles will remain popular, many consumers may be looking for more cost-effective solutions, which is where La Hacienda – part of the AMES UK family of brands – comes into its own with its extensive range of energy and cost-efficient electric heaters. Here the team outlines four key reasons why ‘going electric’ might be better than you think.

  1. The most cost-effective solution

When thinking about the main outdoor heating fuels – wood, gas and electricity – many people would rank electricity as the most expensive option, thanks to extensive recent news coverage regarding fuel bills. But the truth of the matter is simple – electric heating is the cheapest outdoor heating solution. 

Whilst the initial outlay might be higher, electric heating is much more cost-effective in the long run. The average cost of running an electric heater starts from as little as 31p an hour*, whilst gas comes in at £1.35 – £2.38 per hour and wood almost six times as much as electric at £3.78 per hour.

2. Energy efficiency

Unlike gas and wood-fuelled fires, electric heating offers not only targeted heating, but it also provides more energy-efficient heating with little to no heat loss.

Wood and gas distribute heat via convection, which means they only warm the air around them and this can be greatly impacted by weather – one gust of wind and flames can be easily extinguished.

By comparison, electric heating uses infrared to provide a more targeted and controlled heat. The process of heating via infrared is the same as that from the sun, using wavelengths that are most efficiently absorbed by our bodies. The heat travels in a straight line from the source allowing it to be aimed directly at the target object without heating the air between. This also means that weather has minimal impact, reducing heat loss and maximising warm, cosy evenings.

Utilisation of wavelength also means electric heating solutions can be tailored to suit different needs, with heaters designed for both larger open areas and smaller garden spaces, something that neither gas nor wood can boast.

3. Convenience

Electric outdoor heaters are, quite simply, easier to use than gas or wood-fuelled heaters. All La Hacienda’s heaters are ‘plug and play’ designs, where users only need to select the heat/light setting of their choice. Gas and wood-fuelled heaters require fuel, such as propane or wood, to be purchased and stored, whilst lighting the heater itself often comes with complications, most notably weather-based impact.

4. Safety First

Another benefit of electric heaters is that they are safer to use than gas or wood-fuelled heaters. Gas heaters can pose a risk of gas leaks or explosions, whilst wood-fuelled heaters can pose a fire risk. Electric heaters, on the other hand, do not require fuel, so there is no risk of gas leaks or sudden fires. To support this safety message, all La Hacienda electric heaters have been allocated an IP safety rating, which clearly outlines the level of protection each model has against external factors such as dust and water.

Caroline Elliot, spokesperson at La Hacienda said: “Electric powered heaters haven’t had the best press in recent years, but they are packed full of amazing innovation and benefits. We are on a mission to help retailers better understand the product and educate their customers on the economic benefits of electric heating. Of course, we appreciate that not all consumers have access to external power supplies or simply enjoy the hypnotic power of a real flame, which is why our overall offering continues to include a wide range of outdoor heating solutions.”

Light up your outdoor heating sales with La Hacienda’s updated electric heating range

Offering solutions for all garden sizes and consumer needs, La Hacienda proudly offers five unique electric heater collections for the 2023 season: standing, tabletop, hanging, parasol and portable – made up of 18 SKUs.

The ranges consist of a combination of quartz, carbon fibre and halogen heating elements, which offer differing heat and lighting intensity, and are fully supported by new point of sale displays, available for delivery into store now. These half pallet FSDUs – delivered flat pack – clearly outlines the feature of benefits of electric heating and can stock up to eight products. New lifestyle imagery and updated digital assets have also been made available to retailers, to help them educate and inspire consumers via social media and in-store.

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* calculations based on 0.34kw per hour