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AMES Companies introduce greener fleet 

We’re pleased to introduce our new fleet of merchandiser vans – visiting garden retailers very soon! The new Toyota Proace City Icons are replacing our current Toyota Hilux fleet that have been serving AMES customers for the last four years, saving over 450 tonnes of CO2 emissions during the lease.  

Our new Proace fleet will help our team drive 1 million miles per year more efficiently. The vans require less down time for service and maintenance – meaning more time on the roads visiting our customers. And with more storage space onboard, we’re able to provide faster service for our customers.  

With increased efficiency comes a reduction in CO2 emissions, and we estimate that we will reduce our total emissions by over 450 tonnes over the course of the lease. 

Dan Charles, AMES Companies’ Head of Merchandising said: “Providing a first-class merchandising service to garden retailers is very important to me and my team. I’m thrilled that our new fleet will help us to continue to be a partner of choice for our customers.”  

You can’t miss us on the road with our updated branding – be sure to say hello! 

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